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A: Yes! I should have the second version of that prototype in my hands very soon like next week. We are super excited! I missed out on the trip. Q: do you have any future plans for vip visits or tweetups? A: hmmmm…. Can corsets help out with back pain and poor posture due to a large chest size? A: Definitely! Many of our customers find relieve with back pain with corseting! Q: What is the most challenging thing you guys face working at OC? A: Its hard to get any real work done because we have so much fun! Q: How have the Bra sales been going orchardcorset?

Will you be getting more styles or sticking with a limited selection for now?

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A: Great! The affinitas brand is amazing for all of us hard to fit women. We hope to add more styles as we have time to…. Q: Do you guys have plans on some holiday prints? A: no plans for holiday prints BUT we do have some holiday surprises coming up! Stay tuned! Q: What is the Boss like? A: Skylar hysterical! Jeff is so much fun to be around! Friend, mentor, goofball! He is the reason our c. And, more about bacon that I ever did before]. Q: Do you guys dream about corsets?

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Lol A: we all do! Q: who is one person you guys want to work with in the future? Gorgeous and super talented! Q: What is it like living in Wenatchee? A: renee a bit small so not much nightlife, but you make your own fun. Speaking of adamlevine A: We actually are looking into that. I have a prototype, but need some…. Q: Cheri seems so fun but about her business…what do u guys think? Did I nail it? We all do pretty good at having fun but getting things done. Q: If you could use ONE word to describe your job, what would it be? A: Skylar Tight….

So colorful-candy for days. I was cleaning glitter off me for a week. Q: have any of you tried making your own corset by hand?

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I end up frustrated and eating ice cream. Q: how do you find your models? Q: How do you choose sizes 4 your models in photos? Corsets that are within the 4-inch reduction range, more or less? A: Sky its up to each model and what they wear. I personally do about a inch reduction but thats normal for me. She is absolutely beautiful!

Vintage style fashion, makeup and hair, with self-love and body positivity abound

And, her blog is well written. I also helped my momma… bias! A: Corsets becoming more mainstream.

Q: Would you ever do a Edwardian-esque photo shoot? And, a great idea! Q: The hour is almost over already!

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I hope this becomes a regular thing! No question A: I think we can make that happen! A: Skylar I have so many! Mostly just thank you, everyone! A: renee You guys are the best!

Review: Tightlacing Off-The-Rack Corsets Under $100

Loved reading these? Missed participating this time? I've been a fan of Orchard Corset for years and joined the team in March I recently decided to step my game up from casual tight lacer to waist trainer. I'm a little bit geek girl, a little bit fashionista. I'm two cats into my crazy cat lady starter kit, one of which is named Bruce Wayne. I'm known to burst into song at any given moment and own a vast, amazing shoe collection.

Any thoughts on what you think might work, also a size 32 is what I need. What I really need are your underbust, waist and upper hip measurements…then I can steer you in the right direction! I have some questions regarding waist training and would appreciate it very much if you could help me with that. In your honest opinion, how many years would that take if I start at 18yo?

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By how much can I realistically reduce it and how many years would that take? It takes several years of dedicated waist training to bring in your ribs for most women some less than others. You will need a longline corset and depending on your measurements and torso length may be in custom corset territory. We are strong advocates of safe and sane corseting and would encourage you to be slow and careful in your quest. Iwould like. I need help around my waist,please give me some directions how to get my waist down.

It doesn't look very curvy which usually makes me wary of how it's going to create an hourglass when it's on, but it did manage to! Click link on my bio to know the answer! Youtube has implemented another "experiment" to "optimize" the viewer experience, which prevents videos from being shown in chronological order and further pushes small channels out of the subscription feed altogether.

Corset Training- Orchard Corset CS-426 -Self Lacing-

So I'm trying a new type of pro. Another gorgeous shot by rosalindguder from our photoshoot last summer on the trails! Lace smothered corset by sparklewren digitally modified to fit closer to my bustline, as this corset wasn't made for me , floor-length flowy skirt by latelierd. Review of this CU corset by Restyle restyle.

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From the front, at a good angle, you don't notice how loose the hips of this corset are Definitely more. I have a few corsets from Orchard Corset and I thought it might be helpful if I talked about them a little bit. In this video, I have two styles o. And same, I love the look and haven't had any issues too.