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Do you know anyone who lives in bakersfield ca. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In the closet I have baskets for different things. Right now, what use to just hold facial care items, holds all personal care items. As it grows, things will get moved around more. I have no need to be an extreme couponer and load up on any and everything each week. I just want to grow my stockpile slowly.

I want it be relaxing and rewarding.

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  • Long hours are worked throughout the week and Saturday is the.
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Not stressful like it has been in the past. Many stores offer some sort of free rewards program.

Build a Stockpile With $5 a Week- Without Coupons! - No Getting Off This Train

There are items that are a lower price, just by using your Rewards Card. Plus, with specific purchases that change weekly , points are rewarded and added to your account. I am saving my points and using them for my stockpile. Always review weekly circulars and shop the sales. Reading the ads and getting to know the typical price for your items is important. The weekly ad for Walgreens is easy to view on their Mobile App.

Part One: How to Start

Each item can be viewed with the sales and sometimes it lists a coupon that can be used with it. This makes things super easy. Sometimes, just walking through the store you can easily find good deals and sales. Pay attention to signage and special tags. At Walgreens the tags are color coded. For the first few months or so you will be spending a little bit more money to buy your normal groceries and begin your stockpile. You will need a large amount of coupons for the stocking up period. Consider buying multiple copies of the Sunday newspaper, trading coupons or using coupon clipping services.

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How do I know when to re-stock? The whole point of stockpiling food is that you should only buy items when they go on sale and you have coupons for them. Usually, as explained in my Smart Coupon Strategy article, items go on sale 3 — 4 weeks after the manufacturers release Sunday paper coupons.


What you want to do is collect these coupons, hold on to them until the sales start and then use the coupons on the already reduced items. This is the time to replenish your food stockpile with weeks worth of groceries. And if I run out on a certain item?

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Any more tips for stocking a pantry? How large should my pantry be? For most families the regular kitchen storage place should be enough.

You may need a few more extra shelves.