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When you sign up for The Baby Registry and put 25 items in your registry you will get a free gift bag filled with samples and coupons.

15 pregnant mom freebies you need to snag ASAP

I showed that registry number to the Babies R Us staff and they gave me my swag bag. See below for the stuff I got in my Babies R Us swag bag this year- a little too many pacifiers, but I like the creams and baby bottles.


The gift bag was great in , included some safety gear, some free samples or trial sized Cetaphil baby oil, a pacifier, a package of diapers, a package of wipes , and a lot of other great things. The Cetaphil Baby products include certified organic calendula which is a marigold extract and can be very soothing for baby. These contain zero parabens. The Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil is rated well on the Healthy Living app by the Environmental Working Group which means it is a top choice for baby oils and there are minimal cancer or developmental concerns with the ingredients in the product.

Closing Thoughts

The Good Start 1 Baby formula already premixed and sterilized was really good to have because we topped up with formula in the very beginning until my milk was established. We used up all of the bottles there are four in a box. They continue sending coupons periodically in the mail. A subscription to Your New Baby magazine too.

Want $5 free?

You can sign up here for the Enfamil Family Beginnings. The Pampers Rewards program is probably my favourite rewards program. Although you have to buy something diapers you can collect rewards points to redeem for free stuff. The reward points are called Pampers pins and they are located on the packages or wipes. I use the Pampers app to scan the diapers. Each economy box of diapers gives you over Reward points and they just recently revamped the rewards program.

They also have physical gifts like toys. First of all — congratulations on expecting! You can get baby freebies , maternity wear, prenatal vitamins, skincare products, newborn, formula, even free diapers and much more, for free. With many of these brands, all you need to do to get your hands on these freebies is fill out a simple form. Below, we provide you with a list of best places where you can find totally free baby stuff for expecting mothers. Amazon provides moms-to-be who register and have a Prime membership with a free Welcome Box.

This box contains free stuff. We have a full Amazon Baby Registry review , so check that out to learn more. Through its Family Beginnings program, Enfamil provides expectant moms with a number of great benefits and, of course, free stuff! Handily enough aside from free products, Enfamil also provides coupons, free advice from experts, a feeding guide, and nutrition tips. Check out this post for a list of current Enfamil coupon codes.

And, all you have to do is register at Target. And, unlike Amazon, with the Target registry, you can shop in-store and offline. You can get tons of great products, from laundry detergent to covers and bibs. To learn more about registering with the store, read our Buy Buy Baby Registry post. This program mails out free books for your child , from birth, until they are five years old. Some even offer free PDF downloads.

30+ Baby Freebies for New and Expecting Parents

You can ask the librarian if there are any free books available. When you complete them, you get a FREE baby box, which is an alternative to a crib. Shipping is extra. The box content varies. It currently includes diapers, wipes, baby ointment, moisturizer, nursing pads, milk storage bags, breastfeeding drink mix, lanolin, liners, a bottle, and a pacifier. Stuff usually goes fast!

How to Free Baby Stuff Like Diapers, Formula, Magazines, Samples and Coupons

It never hurts to ask! Another excellent resource is Freecycle. Membership is free. I love that Freecycle is about gifting and waste reduction. If you no longer need the item, you can always list it back on Freecycle and give back to the community. Manufacturers give many free samples to doctors. They know that if doctors give it to patients, their brand name will be considered trusted and they can get future sales when the free sample runs out. This is how I was introduced to getting Vitamin D for my infant.

A Baby Shower is a great way to celebrate your upcoming new arrival! Just remember to send your baby registry to the person organizing the event so that you get what you need and minimize duplicates. I know breastfeeding can be painful! There were many nights when I felt like quitting. It took me at least a month to start feeling OKAY with breastfeeding. If you can stick it out, there are many health benefits to breastfeeding for mothers and newborns.

Breastfeeding is also good for your wallet!